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Shukokai Kata

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The Pinan kata were introduced into the school systems on Okinawa in the early 1900s, and were subsequently adopted by many teachers and schools.
Thus, they are present today in the curriculum of Shukokai, and several other styles One of the stories surrounding the history of the Pinan kata claims that Itosu learned a kata from a Chinese man living in Okinawa. This kata was called "Chiang Nan" by the Chinese man. The form became known as "Channan", an Okinawan/Japanese approximation of the Chinese pronunciation. The original form of the Channan kata is lost. Itosu formed 5 katas from the long Channan Kata which he thought would be easier to learn.

The 5 Pinan kata :

1.PINAN NIDAN PINAN NIDAN NIDAN                                    Yellow Belt
2.PINAN SHODAN SHODAN                                            Orange Belt
3.PINAN SANDAN PINAN SANDAN SANDAN                                 Green Belt
4.PINAN YONDAN YONDAN                                                       Blue Belt
5.PINAN GODAN GODAN                                                       Purple Belt

Advanced Kata :

Matsukaze, Wind in the pines Jiin "love of truth" Bassai-Dai, To penetrate (storm) a fortress (major version).  Seienchin, Marching far quietly or Pulling. 
Tensho - Revolving Hands Juroku, 16 Hands Ananku - Light from the South
Naihanchi Kata - internal divided conflict Bassai Sho - To Penetrate (storm) a fortress (minor version)
kururunfa kururunfa
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kosokun shiho, 4 directions 
Sochin, Preserve Peace.
Chinto, Fighting to the east (fighting to where the sun comes up).
Unsu, Hands of a cloud.
Seipai, Is the number 18. 

 Shukokai Combinations
Combinations 1A - 10 A  Click link below!
Combinations 1A -10A


Types of Kumite

  • Ippon kumite - one step sparring, typically used for self defense drills
  • Sanbon kumite - three step sparring, typically used to develop speed, strength, and technique
  • Kiso kumite - structured sparring drawn from a kata
  • Jiyu kumite - free sparring