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Over 50 Years of Traditional Shukokai Experience from our Senior Instructors


                                                                  Anthony Slack 2nd Dan                              

Sensei Anthony Slack - Blackbelt 2nd Dan

Anthony has been Training in Traditional Shukokai for over 27 years and was awarded his 1st Dan  by Sensei Roy Stanhope of UKASKO before being awarded his 2nd Dan by Sensei Mick Shuttleworth 5th Dan formerly of Blackburn Shukokai. Anthony has also gained a wealth of experience from competitions  and  numerous advanced training courses. He continues to research other martial arts in order to pass on new and improved training techniques onto his students. Anthony is the Primary Instructor for the Childrens Classes and ensures that the young Karateka enjoy their training whilst gaining high levels of skill, discipline and values.

Sensei Paul Wareing - Blackbelt 3rd Dan

Paul has been training in Traditional Shukokai for over 30 years and was one of the original students of Sensei Mick Shuttleworth 5th Dan.  Paul has gained a wealth of experience over his many years of training and has competed in numerous competitions and attended numerous advanced training courses. Paul is also a qualified competition referee and has referee'd in many competitions in the past.

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Mick Thompson 1st Dan